Unofficial thread to exchange usernames for the new launcher!

Hey wondrous people of Unreal Engine’s community!
Epic Games has finally made it easier to get closer to each other through the new launcher!
Great, let’s do it!
So what you waiting for?
You can’t do it?
Is it because you don’t know anyone from he community to add?
Well, don’t worry you cute humanoid, this is why I made this thread!
Quick, use this formula to write some stuff about you, so other people will add you!

  • Name: Here you can write what you’d like to be called for example mine is Artaelz/Juan!
  • Age: Simply write your age but if you prefer not to be specific you can for example say: mid twenties.
  • Interests: I like to be creative and work on visual things. I love gaming. My favorite game is Counter Strike.
  • Skills: Here you can say which programs you are familiar/good with, what programming languages you know, any schools you have been to, for how long you have been in the game development community etc.
  • Other: Anything else.

To add someone else just copy paste his username for it is the same in the launcher! Also don’t forget to add me too and good luck! :o

-under 20 ^^
-game development
-blender, 3ds , photoshop, gimp, UDK, UE4, world machine, terresculptor,… :slight_smile:
-tutorials: Twitter: Skype: Free Foilage Pack:

  • CNKIT (but i prefer kit)
  • 21
  • Making games, and pickles (yum)
  • UE4, Visual studio 2013 (im a rubbish programmer tho lol),
  • im learning to program still | skype: onusfox

visual studio, eclipse,android studio, java, c++, c#, python
I like to moonwalk!

  • codejunkie83
  • 30s
  • game dev, playing games, hanging with my kids, watching Netflix, listening to music
  • I’m a professional software developer by day, writing boring business applications in VB.Net, but I’ve been delving into game dev for a few years now.
  • Feel free to add me, I’m not very experienced but would love to connect with other devs!

Name: Rant
Age: 23
Interests: I like music and reading, my favorite game is Pokemon Crystal
Skills: I have some experience with Java and C++. I am currently in community college and have been in the game development community for a few months and just came to Unreal from Unity.
Other: I’m not really experienced as far as development goes but I’m always looking to learn and make new connections.

Name: WideBoy
Age : 29
Interests : Music, Games and Movies (love ths indie movie series StarWars)
Skills : 3d modeling with Maya and working on my BluePrint and C# skills
Other : not experienced, but not letting that getting in my way of big dreams and serius goals, feel free to add me, love to chat about dev stuff, Music (everything metal and punk) and movies (LOVE discussing bad movies), favorite games : Castelvania 4, Payne, Most Zelda Games

Name: DhruvaJs
Age: 21
Interests: Games, movies, music, manga
Skills: programming (c++, java, c#, python), I’ve worked with Unity for a while
Other: I wanna learn :smiley: feel free to add me!

-Games, movies, programming, software dev
-basic programming in python, java, webdev
-Currently starting my Computer Science BS and wanting to get into some game dev stuff on my own. On all the time, feel free to add!

From: Paris/French
Age: 36
Work : 3d Artist Generalist Freelance
Skills: Autodesk product, Blender & new technology
Interests: Sexe , drugs & rockn’roll & Netflix
Other:Try to breack up in game industry
twitter: @

Name: Bruno.
**Age: **29.
**Interests: **I like to make things I’ve never done before.
**Skills: **I have experience with programming, some languages from Basic to .NET Java/C# to C/C++; Also some scripting in Maya with Python/Mel. I can draw, used to be a Comic Book penciler; Also know modelling, animation, rigging and have experience with some bunch of game engines.
Other: I’d like to break into japanese industry but know nothing about japanese language haha.

Name: Warwolf
Age: In the twenties.
Interests: PAYDAY. A lot of Payday. I do also love my motorbikes.
Skills: At Uni, I’ve had plenty of experience with Maya and C++ (though I wouldn’t wish the latter on my worst enemy). I’ve also spent a fair amount of time with stuff like C#, 3Ds, Blender, Unity and a bunch of other software.
Other: I study Games Design and Production Management, so I’ve got the bossing people around part pretty down.

Name: Alexarg
Age: 30
Interests: Games, movies, Guitars, SoftDev.
Skills: Information Systems Engineer (I think Software Engineer for the rest of the world), Java, php , C#, Learning how to actually make games.
Feel free to add me :slight_smile:

**Name: **
**Age: ** 20
**Interests: ** Video Games, Watching Netflix, Programming, Bacon, Boxing the bald champ:p
**Skills: **Basic Programming in C++, Blender, Can type with one Hand:cool:
Other: I have a Doppelganger(Twin Brother), Feel free to add me as we journey deeper into UE4

Name - n00854180t (Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat)
Age - 30 (jesus… makes me feel old!)
Interests - Games, VR, fiction novels
Skills - Programming, minor/intermediate technical artist skills

Name: enzoravo
Age: 40
Interests: Video Games, movies, tv series, Programming, computers, science, 3d animations
Skills: Visual Basic, Visual c#, Basic Programming in C++, 3d studio and maya (very basic), photoshop (very basic)
Other: i’m developing an fps with the ue4 with a small team, also i’m working on a remake of wolfenstein 3d

Name: Sitrec
Age: 24
Interests: Making video games. I also run a store on MTGO, make fishing lures, used to freelance as an illustrator and I waste my time.
Skills: UE4, UDK, Ps, 3DS, Substance Designer, -||- Painter, nDo, Speedtree, World Machine, Zbrush and about a million smaller game development related softwares,
Other: I’m part of a very small team that have been developing our game for a few years. With the release of UE4 we scrapped almost everything we had in UDK and moved over.
You can add me if you need any help.

  • Name: Gooner44/Tarl
  • Age: 38
  • Interests: Games, game dev, sports, photography
  • Skills: Game producer by trade, learning Blueprints for fun and Step 3 :slight_smile:
  • Other: Add me if you want. Not a ton to offer, but always nice to have people to exchange info with.

Interests: Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Mathematics, Physics, Reverse Engineering
Skills: C++, C#, Mathematics
Games: Halo, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt

I am looking to meet other people that are serious about games development and virtual/augment reality. Hopefully exchange some ideas and learn from each other. The areas that interest me the most are programming, engine design, and mathematics. But I am also interested in UI design and how information can be consumed by the user. I also have very basic modeling and texturing skills, this is an area i hope to improve on in the future so any tips or tutorials you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

I see great things for the future of the unreal engine and also the way people use and interact with the digital world changing quite a bit over the next decade. With virtual/augmented reality devices becoming cheaper, and new ways other than a keyboard and mouse to control computers the digital divide is getting smaller every day. I would like to contribute to this effort with games development by creating new and interesting worlds, where the player doesn’t just run past the world to achieve his goal, but where he experiences and changes the world as he moves through it. Where the echos of his presence are felt by the person following behind him.

But stopping there would be foolish, I imagine the physical world being enhanced with the digital world. Imagine with me for a second the Hololens/Oculus bringing a game HUD up but in the real world. A firefighter enhanced with an array of measurement devices hooked up to his helmet visor giving him important real time information about the room temperature, oxygen/co2 levels or the density of a wall allowing him to make more informed decisions about how to approach breaking through a burning building to save lives. Or being able to drive/walk down the street and with a simple glance being able to see the opening times or stock availability of a store.

Name: Jason Forrester
Age: Old (well no, I’m in my Twenties, but I feel old).
Interests: Game Development (specifically Game Design, Level Design, and Programming), Games
Skills: Freelance Level Designer starting to do some Game Design work; I’m an avid Blueprint user, but I am starting to use C++ more and more.
Other: May favorite games are: DOOM, Half-Life, Monkey Island, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Unreal (of course).

~ Jason