Unlock VR headset framerate?

Hi all,

I’m writting this post to ask you about a question I have from time ago. When in editor mode, we can see the FPS of the “game” when playing through a VR headset, however, if I compile the project and execute the same game experience, it won’t show the “free” FPS of the application, but limited FPS, usually 90, 45, or 30. It should be possible to bypass that headset limitation as it does when playing it from the Unreal Editor, isn’t it?

Thank you and best regards!

Hi, I’ve had this issue too, from what I found online, some headsets limit the framerate (it jumps from 90 to 45) to maintain stability. So it’s intended.

Thank you @Corviera , but how would you explain that the same headset can show an unlimited framerate but only when played from the UE Editor? (Only when you compile it, framerate will be limited)

To be honest, I don’t know. What headset are you using? Are you using the Unreal plugin or SteamVR?

Thank you for your interest:)

I’m using Oculus Rift without any plugin. I also used Windows Mixed Reality with the Unreal Plugin and I’m almost sure it was the same (I will try it again in some days, anyway). So I would afirm that it “worked” with all headsets; it doesn’t happen with yours?

I’ve used the HTC Vive and Pro, and WMR too, to me it always locked the fps, in the editor and on packaged.

Oh, interesting. I will try to screenshot it!

Hi @Corviera ,

As I can see, you cannot pass the maximum framerate of the headset, but when you are below the maximun, in editor, it doesn’t get cut to the next “multiplier” of the max framerate (for example, 45 or 30fps), but it remains “unlocked”. But if you compile it, it will be cut to its multipliers. This is without being compiled: