Unlit White World

Hi folks,

i hope u can help me to get along.

i want to create following scenario:

  • completly white world
  • objects don’t cast shadow on themselfes nor in the world
  • edges from cubes ect. stay always white no matter how close or far my char is
  • serveral point lights light up the scene
  • only playing char cast shadows via point lights (static and moveable)
  • using 3rd Person blueprint
  • shadow thrown by char ist clear and sharp

what i tried so far

  • different light and material-setups to eleminate shadows

-> worked so far, but now even the moving char do not cast any shadow
-> deactivate AO

i hope i can give me a hint or show me a trick how to start

staying in overlit world using postprocess to elimante less grayscaled part and transform into white - should work