Unlit Staticmesh

hello. I want the same effect when in your viewport switch to unlit or pressing f2 in a standalone but only in certain meshes. its possible?

set them to unlit shading mode and put the base color into emissive. might want to clamp it first, depending on what you do with your base color

You can use custom depth as a mask by setting certain meshes to render custom depth, then in the post process material blend between PostProcessInput0 and BaseColor using the custom depth as an alpha.

thanks. I try both methods without good success.

I need anyway for the custom depth/post process method reading a bit about that topic (lack of concepts) When enter in the post process all scene darken except the custom depth meshes that seems got the effect i want.

edit: if i connect the scenetexture:customdepth to emissive directly all go white, mask not work or i missed something.

Searching i found that:


Using that for mask works,

ins’t equeal to unlit but its near what i want. :slight_smile: