Unlit paper2d scene washed out / brighter upon packaging


I am fairly new to the engine, and am working on my first game, a small paper2d platformer. In the viewport and upon launch, I am happy with how the game looks, however after I have packaged the game for Windows, the scene appears very bright and gives a washed out effect. The problem only applies to the scene itself, and doesn’t effect any HUD or widget items. I’ve looked for a solution for hours, and can only find items pertaining to specific lighting issues, and my game runs using no lighting. It would be great if a solution could be provided with blueprint nodes, as that’s what I’m used to, and haven’t waded into the hard coding area of unreal (though if the only solution is by using hard coding I am willing to give it a shot). If anyone could help, that would be great!

Here are some pictures of the issue:

Here you can see (particularly with the sand) the difference between the intended image, or upon launch (top image) versus the washed-out, bright image upon packaging (bottom):

Here you can see how it effects only the scene itself, not the HUD (top image is upon launch, bottom image is upon packaging):

Again, I am fairly new to the engine, and am not sure what areas would be particularly helpful to document in order to answer this question. Here are some answers to potential questions I believe may pertain to the issue:

  • I am using no lighting, post-process volumes, or materials.
  • All quality settings are set to 100%.
  • Anti-aliasing should not be the culprit. I saw many people having the same issue in a lit environment, and their solution was to set the min value and max value under anti-aliasing to the same value. I have set both to 1 (plus, this change would be visible upon launch, not only once packaged, right?).
  • I haven’t tinkered with the lightmass settings of the world.
  • The cameras are set to perspective, not orthographic.
  • The scene is laid out with a camera (attached to the character) facing a tile map and the various character sprites. Here is an image:

Again, I’m not quite sure what to include. I’d show more pictures, but I’ve reached the max of five. If you need to see more pictures of the scene, settings, or the blueprints, please just ask!

Thank you in advance!