Unlit isnt the same BaseColor

Hi Epic Team,

Currently i need use “Render to Texture Toolset Setup”, but the buffer base color are really darkness. I can solve this presing F2 to viewmode unlit. But Unlit isnt the same buffer Base Color.

In the Documentation you say: Unlit view mode removes all lighting from the scene, showing you Base Color only.

But this is not true, Unlit is more lightness :(. How i can in New Editor Windows (PIE) set my render like in Editor? (Only Base Color, not Unlit!!)

Left Buffer Base Color - Right Unlit


Unlit gets rid of all the lighting but includes material emissive.

Buffer Visualization > Base Color shows you GBufferC, i.e. what goes into the Base Color slot of the material, ignoring normal, metallic, specular, roughness, emissive, etc.

Try inspecting the hexagonal grid glowing material in Starter Content and you will see the difference.