unlit/flat material function

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a material function completely unlit/flat to mask some parts of the base material.

Do you think it is possibile to have just a material function unlit/flat or I can only unlit the whole material?

Thanks so much Kehel, actually I’m using a Slope_Normal_Blend, the problem is that it seems impossibile to apply a totally unlit/flat material above the original one

Hello! Can you be more precise? If you want to apply some material above another one with some mask then you can simply use some material blend node… For example MaterialLayerBlend_Simple…

Ok… Can you tell more precisely - should hidden parts be transparent, black, or smth else? There is big difference between

  • several Material Layers, which gives you one Material, although complex. This material is applied at once, and is applied or not applied
  • and several Materials, which are applied to different vertex groups and use different material slots and can use different UV channels. In this case you can apply one material and dont apply another and so on