Unknown error packing project for Windows

Hello everyone,

I’ve been having this issue for sometime with a project of mine, I’ve tested in each release since 4.6 and have continually been unable to package this project in any way. I’ve been trying to solve it myself through debugging and searching online with zero luck and thus I turn to you.

60145-builderror_outputlog.txt (325 KB)

You will see that is hits the runUAT.bat and just stops. Its also important to note that I have tried this on multiple machines and and even made a copy of the project to try on Mac and still no luck.

I’m afraid this error is beyond my ability to find, if any other information will help solve the problem please let me know!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

bump - still no luck

Hey TheFear,

I would suggest fixing the following issues:

MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2015.09.25-05.16.18:527][  0]LogInit:Display: LogPackageName:Error: DoesPackageExist: DoesPackageExist FAILED: 'None' is not a standard unreal filename or a long path name. Reason: Path should start with a '/'

Once this issue is resolved, it should clear up all errors. Let me know if you have a different outcome, upload those too.