Unknown Error in my game

Hello guys.
I’m trying to do my first game project for the College. I saw a lots of tutorials to help me how can I manage that program, but now I have a inssue and I really dont understand why this happen.
So, I have 3 levels in my game, a main menu (created like a level) and an Options menu (created like a level as well). On the beggining was everything alright but now, I dont know what happen, but my project STILL searching a calling a map I didn’t configurate to be load, even that map the project try to call DOESN’T EXIST, and thats strat to anoing me.

Ok guys, I just sorted out. Basecly, I copied ALL the Map files into that directory “Game/RollingBP/Maps” and I renamed ALL the files, but I keep the “original” ones where was before.
That sorted out my problem.
Can some1 close that post for me, please?