Universal way to compare same-type UProperties

Lets say I have a function that takes as a parameter 2 UProperty pointers. These Properties are grabbed from several same-type objects inside an array, at a blueptint. I can guarantee that the properties are of the same class/type and they are only primitive Blueprint Data Types but I need a way to compare their values and return a boolean variable.

Dereference the pointers and use ==. If you are passing them as void pointers, you’ll need a method that converts these pointers to their proper type before dereferencing. You could use a templated function but they are not compatible with blueprint. You may be able to pass a UClass* variable that might help with resolving the type or value of the parameters but I’ve never tried it and am not home to test.

Find the type of each UProperty and compare them is the only way. You can’t have a universal way of comparing UProperties. Apart from that, you can’t get a value from a UProperty. You could only check if they point on the same thing