Universal VR Content Examples project?

At this moment, there are content examples for how to use everything from lighting to blueprints and shaders or animations.

However there does not seem to be a specialized “VR content examples” scene that shows the “official” way to create a VR character for the DK2, Vive, Morpheus, Cardboard or GearVR (and their respective controls). I would like to know if it is possible for Epic to release an official content example pack that shows this.

Either be it specific pawns/scenes/settings per system or even a kind of super VR pawn that is compatible with all current VR systems at the same time and changes depending on what system is detected.

Personally i am mostly interested in the proper way to set up the Vive controls, however showing how to make an universal character would greatly increase the compatibility of my project with all other systems at the same time. :wink:

this would be very useful indeed