Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android

Thanks for the release, and happy holidays.

Ohh, it’s probably a little bug. I’ll fix this after holidays and you will be able to select ad networks which you want to use :slight_smile:

Thanks for the release! You the best! :smiley:

Hi , you did greate epic thing to me and other peopole, good. I definitly will buy this plugin, keep updating pls . lol.

Wow! Great work! We’ve been waiting for a plugin to provide video ads for months! Instant purchase for us :slight_smile:

Could you confirm if I purchase this through Sellfy that I will get all future updates, similarily with your google analytics plugin. Thanks

Yes, all future updates are included in Sellfy purchases :slight_smile:

That’s great thank you for clarifying that, purchase made :slight_smile:

Just an update to say after a bit of tinkering (i had some sdk issues) i’ve managed to get video ads (vungle and unityads) working great in a UE4 mobile game using this plugin :smiley:

It’s nice to hear! Awesome :smiley:


You can download update 1.1 from your Sellfy dashboard.


  • Added Vungle support on iOS so it’s now working good on Android & iOS
  • Only selected ad networks will be added to the packaged project so output file should be smaller if you don’t use all networks!
  • Many bugfixes
  • Updated User Guide

If you have used this plugin before, you should DELETE folder “ThirdPartyLibraries” from plugin directory and then replace all old files with new files.

Plugin is available now on Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/V0sJ/

For test Rewarded Video in Android can I use launch mode or I must cook in distribution ?

It works in packaged projects (Development and Shipping configuration).

Couple of quick questions:

  1. This suggests that there WILL be a version of the plugin in the future that supports blueprint only projects on iOS?

  2. If so, do you have an ETA on this?

  3. Bonus question - how would this work with future versions of UE4? We have a blueprint only project which has a bug involving Google Play Services that we’re waiting on a fix from Epic for. This probably means we’re going to have to ship it with either 4.11 or 4.12.


  1. I’m working on it intensively. I contacted Epic and I hope it will work in the next release of the engine.
  2. Unfortunately I don’t know. I’m looking for different workarounds but not all depends on me.
  3. I’ll convert plugin for the every next release. In the current plugin version we provided Google Play Services updated to 7.8.0 that is compatible with UE 4.10

Cool, OK - thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Universal Mobile Ads now works with Launcher and GitHub UE4 versions!
You can download update 1.2 from your Sellfy dashboard.

Editing IOSToolChain.cs is no longer needed!
Instead of you should open your project’s *.Target.cs file and override SetupGlobalEnvironment like this:

public override void SetupGlobalEnvironment(
    TargetInfo Target,
    ref LinkEnvironmentConfiguration OutLinkEnvironmentConfiguration,
    ref CPPEnvironmentConfiguration OutCPPEnvironmentConfiguration
        if (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.IOS)
            OutLinkEnvironmentConfiguration.AdditionalArguments += " -ObjC";

I’ve contacted with Epic and they told me that they are attempting to add plugins support to the Marketplace within the year so until that the only way is buy it on Sellfy.

Buy on Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/V0sJ/

Excellent! That was a LOT quicker than I imagined it would be.

As always, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley: My pleasure :slight_smile:

Universal Mobile Ads now works with both Blueprint-only & Source code projects!

**Great news! No longer any limitations!
You can download updated version from your Sellfy dashboard or simply change only one line in UniversalMobileAds.uplugin file:

"EnabledByDefault": true,


"EnabledByDefault": false,

and that’s all! :smiley:

In conclusion, Universal Mobile Ads plugin now works with Blueprint-only & Source code projects on Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions! :cool: :cool: :cool: