Unity Showcase - Should Unreal have something similar?

Hey, not sure if this is the right place of if a repost (search didn’t show up anything) but I recently saw this: https://unity3d/showcase/gallery

I think Epic should do something similar because I just recently saw the blog post which had a list of games in development with unreal and most were totally new to me but looked great. I think having an easy place to find Unreal Engine games would be really cool.

Such a resource would be beneficial for both the Unreal community and the game developers.

As an aside, is there an official Unreal Engine Steam curator?

EDIT: This is another site in a similar vein by Unity: ://madewith.unity/

I’d fire this off to Jon Jones or post about it in the Feedback to Epic forum. :slight_smile:

The Twitch streams always call out a load of projects that have caught their eye.

This is the closest we have to a showcase. But I agree, a gallery type presentation of spotlighted projects would definitely be cool.

+1 for a gallery.
It will allow the community members to easily see what was made with the UE4 -> then they dont have to search through the forum to find some good pics :slight_smile:



But in that way you have to search/read through the blog posts -> so it’s not a fast way to see what you can do with the UE4 :slight_smile:

I think it would be best if it was something which gave a good overview of games quickly. It doesn’t need to be a gallery design (although that works well) but something more like a shop front.

I’m not sure who Jon Jones is?

I considered posting in feedback, but that seemed like it was more for engine feedback. I’m a web developer and honestly I’d love to build such a site myself (unofficially obv.) but I’m already working on two projects outside of my 9-5 so haven’t a spare minute to work on anything else.

It’s the “marketplace guy” -> so has nothing to do with this. It’s better when you try to contact Chance Ivey (community manager) :slight_smile: