Unity GDC demo - Adam - Part I

Ok, this is NOT Unreal - but it’s too good to hide. :slight_smile:
What you think about rendering, modeling and animation in this ‘other’ engine?

Epic answer?

I’m sure we will see something Epic during GDC. The character reflections on the wall looked really nice.

It’s nice that they were finally able to create a demo that looks close to Unreal quality. The indoor lighting/texturing/animation are fantastic. The outdoor landscape/lighting isn’t quite there yet, but I’m glad it’s coming along.

Besides the outdoor stuff, the real question, of course, is how those nice looking graphics perform in game.


After the 2 min point, it looks as good as a CGI studio movie.

How come I can never get Unity to look this good :slight_smile:

Yay unity my other love

What is the hardware running this demo ?

This blows EPIC’s Infiltrator out of the water.

What’s wrong with it?

Infiltrator was 3 years ago at the 2013 GDC demo and amazing at the time. The recently released Paragon trailer is better than infiltrator now but again, 3 years later. Unity’s demo is definitely great and I hope we can learn & adopt some of the aspects of their engine to utilize in Unreal.

Seems like it’s top secret, classified information.

Well, if it was mere mortal’s hardware, they would be proud to announce.

Ok, on their official page I found this info. The demo runs at 1440p on a GTX980. They extensively used some kind of physics simulation tool (which is not build-in tool). And the demo team created custom tools like volumetric fog, transparency shader, motion blur to cover specific production needs.

Yeah this demo has been pretty cool.

“looks close to Unreal quality” Well Unity 5 got more light features than Unreal Engine 4 at this moment and volumetric light talking about realtime light part.

GTX 980 they said…

Good luck to you if you believe you can make this by yourself in the free unity version.
These are high paid demos that are not even games with controls and gameplay, yes the graphics looks neat all engines will look/should look that good present and future, but all i care about is the engine tools. Can you make such a demo a non skilled artist/programmer? i certainly cant, at least not in unity not in 1000 years, it lacks tools and if you have to build most of the tools yourself than who cares what engines runs on?

You couldn’t make that in unreal if you’re not skilled either. The only thing they used that wasn’t already part of the engine was the physics tool which is very cheap if you’re interested in that.

+1… Well said!

Can you in the “FREE” Unreal version?

One thing I don’t like about Unity it can’t even breathe without plugins. You may buy them. But some plugins don’t work with each other and some will break when you upgrade engine. You must wait until they fix it or if you’re lucky, they just make new version and you should buy again.

That’s definitely true, for a while they didn’t have a UI system and the one they added is severely lacking which pretty much requires you to buy one of the UI addons from the asset store.

Tools sure help a lot, but if you’re not skilled it’s not going to be that much of a help.