Unity Dev just gifted them their own Blueprints

I don`t understand, what get for free? Free royalty? Nothing to compare. Sorry.

Since this is your first post in the forum, I assume that you are not an Unreal 4 developer. Unreal 4 has this sytem from the very beginning (Name is Blueprint Visual Scripting) which is a core feature of the unreal itself and the engine itself is free, so is this tool. Unity one is made by a person and is 200 USDs. That’s what we are comparing.

To be honest, such a massive tool is still subject to fail. What if the guy stops making updates and bugfixing? What will happen to your 200 USD then?

If someone really needs such a visual scripting to create games, they can as well as use Unreal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this is your 247 post in the forum, I assume that you are not an Unreal 4 developer. Really? Good )
I like Unreal more than Unity and i am very happy to work with him.

But I do not like when people use incorrect statements, to defeat rival. Unreal is free for download, free for use, but not for commercial. (over 3000$ per quarter).
He has other great qualities which could be mentioned, but for some reason people go down to the level - I have more longer than you have.

The lack of updates is one of the big disadvantages of Unity and his asset store.

With Best Regards, Leonid.

It’s actually an old feature that they fixed and brought back. It used to be possible to convert Unrealscript into C++ back when UE4 was very new, but somewhere along the lines it was forgotten about and was left behind as Blueprint’s bytecode evolved, and the feature disappeared into obscurity.

When you say “what is there to compare?”, and also that guy’s addon to Unity was EXACTLY looking like blueprints, you give the impression that you never worked the engine at all. because it is impossible to NOT know about blueprints. You shouldn’t take what I say very offensive or personal though. There are many people that roams around the forums and they never worked on the engine itself. :wink:

And yes, I am not really a UE 4 developer, I didn’t develop anything proper yet. ;D

There is nothing to call both engines rivals. Unity has its own pluses, Unreal has its own. Though when someone creates a visual scripting that is so identical to what Unreal has for free, people can’t help but mention the similarities.

There is a large difference of Unity Store and Unreal 4 one. Unreal forces you to update your stuff, but Unity doesn’t care. Unreal even says that they can help abouıt it if you just can’t update it yourself. So if someone made a 200 USD worth visual scripting plugin for Unreal, I would buy it. But Unity is just a big nop. My 5 cents.

it wasn’t an incorrect statement at all, we are talking about being able to use a specific feature and not the licence requirements for releasing a game with the engine.

I apologize if I mislead you. But i mean that if you choice Unreal - you pay later, if you choice Unity - you pay once. That’s all I had in mind. Even if we are talking about the additional cost to the Unity engine.

Unity have more minuses to compare with Unreal pluses :wink:

$ 200 is a small sum for an indie or a medium-sized studio. But as I say - this is not something for which really worth scold Unity)

Well, if you do not use Unreal engine for business, I have to completely agree. It’s free :slight_smile: But is it appropriate?

No problem at all, nothing to apologise. :smiley:

I think the main thing people are comparing is that, Blueprint is an Unreal base feature while that one is a developer creation, which is subject to bugs, new version issues. Not saying Unreal BP is bugless, but at least you talk with Epic itself rather than hoping the guy will fix it on his own.

The fact that UI looks similiar is a eye-narrowing thing aswell! 200 USD is small money for many people, and as someone who is working on my own project that is 1.5 years at least I understand the amount is acceptable. But everyone knows how Unity Store works, and that’s making people feel uneasy about this.

I still wish best for the developer though.

Sorry to say, but this is 100% blueprints, no ui tweaks on the face of it. I see, someone is trying to add functionality to unity, but please dont like literally copy from another (compeating) engine, and the price, it was something like 350 usd, what?!
Sorry to say it, but this developer is just copying from unreal, anyhow in my opinion unreal is still better, and clones will nearly never get as good as the real deal! So enjoy your little unity toy, but remember, If you like it, why aren’t you using the superior unreal?

I really liked the Branch though. It looks so cute when you see it in other engine. It even got a “Finished” link just to make it look different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not? Almost all products are in the templates and are maybe similar to others. Whether it is movies, cars, software algorithm or design. Despite the fact that I still do not see the Unity engine for myself - i see that something new is a valuable experience which should be taken and do even better.

Well, to be honest the background is the same, oh and the colors? same! So this may just be me, but if they would just take the same Style they should atleast change the colors/backgrounds etc. And to compare with cars, I have not seen a 99.99% identical Porsche and citroen.

LOL Really? dude, this is how Unreal 3 used to look like:


The interface looked really outdated like Windows 95, and non consistent icons some pixelated some with an artstyle, the content browser interface looked like another application, more like a Game Menu or something… and then when Unreal 4 came out, they completly renew their Interface to look like… let’s guess… hmm Unity’s Interface? LOL

They even have a page on Unreal’s 4 Documentation explaining how similar the UI is to Unity’s… the new Content Browser looks like The Project Panel from Unity.


And that was the company Epic copying Unity’s Interface, this is a Random person, copying Unreal’s Blueprints.

This is pretty spot on.

That price >_>

Apples to oranges. Yes the UI, but that’s where the comparison ends. The nodes in Nottorus are exactly how a programmer thinks and would code in C#… and directly translates into generated C# scripts. Delete the nodes afterwards, or the entire Nottorus asset… you still have the perfectly written C# code which equates to 100% power of the engine. Add to that you can convert C# to nodes & vice versa - nothing similar has ever been accomplished.

Look, I love the fact that BP’s are now moving in this direction, albeit something that was left forgotten from Unrealscript days. Our goal as gamers is produce our games as quickly as possible in the best possible format - ie code. You have to take your hat off to a single developer who produced such a tool for Unity. WHEN BP’s get there, and it looks to be sooner rather than later, it’s a win-win for us all.

Then deciding on engines is a luxury based on alternative strengths :smiley:

I got through C++ in college, but I just can’t seem to make the switch with Unreal. C# for me is relatively easy. I can now see me working with BP’s because of Nativized (I can’t think how to singularize that word lol).

I would like to see a thread on BP’s versus Nottorus in terms of which is easier, and why. Then I guess lessons can be learnt on both sides…

I agree, although uScript doesn’t produce C# that is the equivalent to what an experienced programmer would write. They admit that themselves.
@darthviper107 has a very relevant point in that if you code that well in the first place, why bother? I can’t answer that with any real good reason, other than as a hobby I seem to like pretty graphs lol.

It is getting murkier what the actual price is to be. When I asked for a reduction, the dev said he would drop to 200… I think we were talking Euro’s at that point (the asset store price is 350 Euros). Another poster asked for the same but mentioned dollars, and the dev replied he had requested Unity drop it to 250… If that’s dollars then obviously better. Sticking to free BP’s is clearly the wise choice if you are on this side of the fence.

Personally my research led me to believe Unreal more suited to software houses with designers using BP’s and coders C++ whereas Unity was more suited to Indie’s given the relative ease with C# and their incredibly stocked asset store.

BP’s clearly bridge the gap, but I see the more experienced devs saying BP’s are limited to a certain extent. Maybe like PlayMaker is limited in Unity? Actually that is an awful analogy, but you get the point.

I would love to move over to Unreal for the fact that the embedded tools are indeed supported by Unreal themselves, but it seems much more complex for one person. Whatever happened to the folk that were working on the C# port?

C# in Unreal coupled with BP’s… dreamy…


OK guys, can someone show me a like-for-like on BP’s versus Nottorus? Here is the node & code on the first thing I need to build co-ordinates for my field in the game I am developing in Unity.

Variables & formulas substituted to make it more readable.

A simple nested FOR loop.

Again, it begs the question of why bother. Someone on the dark side posted the same question, it will be interesting to see the response.

If someone posts a snippet in BP’s to the above, and it seems similar, I think I’ll continue learning C# for my current project & learn BP’s for my next one (I have a project in mind).