Unity Dev just gifted them their own Blueprints

Nottorus. The new Blueprints for Unity, you won’t believe what you see !!

Converts nodes to code… and the neatest trick EVER… converts code to nodes !!


So, why are you posting it here?

Unity was designed around C# script, UE4 around BP. Anything that is added on top of Unity’s conventional workflow is a gimmick.

Btw, I skimmed over the thread and looked at the screenshots - he ripped off BP’s UI as is, without even bothering to make it look even a bit differently. Epic should squash it! :slight_smile:

+1, blatant rip off.

also $350(£245)…seriously?, we get it for free;).


almost forgot, since this is about unity and not UE4’s BP’s I am moving this to general discussion.

+1 I totally missed the fact that Unity’s stuff isn’t free

Quite cool but man, dat price. One more reason UE4 rocks :smiley: And holy **** is the UI a ripoff. Epic Legal team should take a look ;D

Gifted a UE4 visuals BP rip off for $300
Nope thanks:D

In the past for the Unity store addons that try to replicate Unreal features–like material editor or Kismet/Blueprints they don’t work nearly as well. For example, uScript is really slow and inefficient. Started just using C# instead which is better

He’s knocking it down to 200, still a far cry from free here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Unity tries to buy it from him, or hires him etc.

I posted this for a few reasons, firstly cuz I’m thinking I could learn BP’s and Notorus at the same time if they are indeed very similar… so I want some opinions. I also have a project I specifically want to create with Unreal because I bought some assets here I really like. I also wonder if someone here is working on similar node to code conversions… or could contact the dev for the blueprint (forgive the pun) of how he went about it.

And yeah, he has been queried about the UI already from someone from here. He said it is completely reskinned…


But it uses C# entirely… without limitations. You can delete Notorus from your project once done. Have a look at the nested For loop I asked him to produce. It is perfect!

uScript converts to C# too, but the way the nodes are coded are very limited in functionality and the code it generates is really terrible. You can do much better just coding C#, which isn’t very difficult.

It’s not worth checking out considering the cost and how easy it is to just do it in C# anyway

Yeah I can’t argue with that. I’m ok with C# but still learning, I just figure this is the first time a true visual scripting tool has come along. If I learn this interface, I could easily port across to BP’s for my next project… because I just don’t have the energy to learn C++.

And anyone over here that already is proficient in BP’s could easily port across to Unity… assuming they part with a significant amount of cash. I’m also assuming folk like to work either engine for specific purposes…

Ouch… Just had a look at the price tag - 350 USD. Which lets be honest (this or something similar) should be a core feature of unity 5 in the first place.
We get blueprint for free same with Nativized Blueprint (Blueprint to C++ Conversion). Which is part of 4.11 as an experimental feature.

Anyway have fun I guess

The UI will be the only thing that they have in common, since they are different engines and different code languages the way you would do things will be different. Similar principles but that’s it.

What? I must have missed this in the release notes !!! Maybe I can learn C++ :cool:

And it’s 200 lol.

Well here is something that was made in BP and converted to C++ using said tool.

Anyway - Here is the thread for the project - I've created an Infinite Voxel World, similar to Minecraft - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Cool, I’ll check this out, but can you please post a link for Nativized BP’s? I can’t find it in the release notes. I’m searching, finding general comments but not the main topic…

It’s ok, I found it :cool:

Thanks for the heads up !!

cool stuff, now unity stay better for me!!!

Hmmm guess I was being naive. Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Well it produces C# that matches professional quality (not like uScript, which their devs admit is ugly), so ultimately it is hardly a gimmick.

And yes your first instinct was correct, that I posted to childishly gloat a little… but ironically I am now downloading 4.11 to play with BP’s again. All thanks to Nativized BP’s :cool: :smiley:

Previously I thought BP’s to be the gimmick, given that it is quoted they are 10 times slower than code. I just couldn’t live with that, but Nativized changes the picture…