UNITY 5 goes free

For the personal edition, the pro version starts at $75 per month.

You can’t use the personal edition for more than a one man team right? There seems to be a lot missing from the personal edition, is it the same as Unity 4 with the free/pro pricing model?

Yeah… For single developers. You can’t work on a team using the ‘personal’ license. At least they seem to not remove any engine anymore; That’s pretty cool!

It’s free for though, right? (up to 100.000 revenue)

Nope, it has all the features apart from some analytics etc.

lol , they are always one step behind on Sweeney

I see some good things and some bad with Unity 5 but the winners at the end of the day are developers; Personally, I prefer everything I get with Unreal Engine 4 but I am glad Unity developers have new version; I’m really excited for all the games we’re going to see in the next 3-5 years!

Still, Royalty Free is a good deal for those who want it. I guess they make a load of money by their impressive marketplace (judging by Epic’s success at their own relatively small one).

It is a good time to be a dev, as Kitatus says.

Oh I saw :

Now you have access to engine with all features ? Not in Unity 4 ?

Wow… interesting week so far!:slight_smile:

A bold move from Unity. Will definitely keep the competition up!

So their big seller is Royalty Free for the FREE version … but like 10% of the features … I would go 5% royalty any day to keep all the features. sigh

I wish them all the best but I will be sticking with Unreal … thanks. 8-}

From my point of view, $75 every month is a royalty anyways. Regardless of you having success or not

Nope 100% all features.

Actually, most of the features are in the free version.

Not true either. For example, you can’t remove the splash screen.

Is that a problem?

@ - Click on the little green box for “+ More Features”, there are a few more differences between personal/pro that they are hiding below. Not sure why they did that… :wink:

UE4 is !!! I still have over 6 months to go on $75 a month price for Unity pro for only PC platform. They should over a discount or refund now that all of a sudden all the features in Unity 5 are free.

For some it is. And certainly for your statement of 100% of the features :slight_smile: