UNITY 5 goes free

For the personal edition, the pro version starts at $75 per month.

You can’t use the personal edition for more than a one man team right? There seems to be a lot missing from the personal edition, is it the same as Unity 4 with the free/pro pricing model?

Yeah… For single developers. You can’t work on a team using the ‘personal’ license. At least they seem to not remove any engine feature anymore; That’s pretty cool!

Yeah, that isn’t free at all. This is the same B.S. pricing structure they had with Unity 4.

It’s not only the same thing, it’s a dollar more per month. $76/month

There tech is also still behind Unreal, which as we all know by now, is free.

It’s free for indies though, right? (up to 100.000 revenue)

Yeah, for the neutered edition. This is exactly the same as Unity 4.

Nope, it has all the features apart from some analytics etc.

lol , they are always one step behind on Tim Sweeney

I see some good things and some bad with Unity 5 but the winners at the end of the day are developers; Personally, I prefer everything I get with Unreal Engine 4 but I am glad Unity developers have this new version; I’m really excited for all the games we’re going to see in the next 3-5 years!

Still, Royalty Free is a good deal for those who want it. I guess they make a load of money by their impressive marketplace (judging by Epic’s success at their own relatively small one).

It is a good time to be a dev, as Kitatus says.

I think that is the big thing, choices. While Unity doesn’t touch Unreal on multiple levels, the ability to opt out of royalty is a nice choice for developers. I do feel strongly against this model myself. Unreal, by taking royalty after $3000 per quarter, needs you to be successful so they are. On the other hand, Unity sticks their hands out and demands their pay up front. Their attitude towards developers is reflected in the atmosphere of their forums.

Oh I saw this :

Now you have access to engine with all features ? Not in Unity 4 ?

Oh, I missed that little checkbox. It is still missing the watcher, and with that I call out their “With All Features” bluff.

Wow… interesting week so far!:slight_smile:

A bold move from Unity. Will definitely keep the competition up!

So their big seller is Royalty Free for the FREE version … but like 10% of the features … I would go 5% royalty any day to keep all the features. sigh

I wish them all the best but I will be sticking with Unreal … thanks. 8-}

From my point of view, $75 every month is a royalty anyways. Regardless of you having success or not

Nope 100% all features.

Actually, most of the features are in the free version.

Not true either. For example, you can’t remove the splash screen.