Unit Stat question. Looking good or bad?

Hi everyone.

My little game is close to shipping.

Lots of dynamic objects moving around.

My Unit Stat is pretty consistent here is a screen grab.

What do you think? Looking good or bad? :slight_smile:


Time in milliseconds = 1000 ms / frames per second
30 FPS = 1000 / 30 = 33.33 ms
60 FPS = 1000 / 60 = 16.67 ms
90 FPS = 1000 / 90 = 11.11 ms

Is this on your target hardware or near your minimum specs? The times are good, but if you’re running on a Titan and the game is shipping on an Android… the numbers don’t mean anything.

Thanks very good point actually.
I do realize that.
I just don’t have a slower machine that can run Unreal 4 on it.
I have an older laptop but no GPU in it so cant test it on there.
I am on an Asus ROG g752 vt gaming laptop.
Pretty fast.
So I am guessing these numbers will be around average.

I just want to check if the relationship between those numbers look o.k.