Unique socket locations per skeletal mesh using a single skeleton


Is it possible for a socket to have different relative locations on different skeletal meshes, that use a single skeleton asset?

It seems that socket location is defined by the skeleton, so that when I try to move a socket, its location changes for all meshes using the same skeleton. That is unfortunate: I have multiple skeletal meshes (battle robots) that use the same skeleton and animations, and I would like to have unique sockets for every mesh (e.g. to define turret barrel location to spawn particles when firing). Is there perhaps a better way to achieve that?

Did you ever find an answer to this? It seems as if that’s just not the way it works. We developed a workaround where we have multiple sockets and then change which one is used based on the current character, but it’s a very clunky way to do it.

No new update on the matter ?!
Having socket location set per skeletal mesh would make sense no ?!

Found something :
In the skeletal mesh windows, in the Skeleton tree panel (might need to open it via the Window menu in the top bar), you can right click a socket that was created in the Skeleton asset and transform it into “Mesh socket”, and set its transform FOR that skeletal mesh.


Is there any way of setting up these “mesh sockets” in blender?