Unexpected very strong Reflection ( with weird colors )

Hi to all,
i have 3 levels connected between them,
“one” of these 3, when i load the level ( coming from another level )
give me this strange unexpected reflection “pic 1”
but if i start the game directly inside that level the problem doesn’t appears. “pic 2”

My drivers are up to date …
the camera setting are the same for the 3 levels
no postprocess volume in any level

i hope someone can help me.

thank you all in advance.

Have you tried building the lighting and checking again? The images say your lighting is unbuilt. That would be a good place to start troubleshooting what may be causing it.


yes, just tried. nothing changed.
i cancelled almost everything from outside and i figure out that the strange light come from the rock.


but this rock have a simple material and anyway i put the same rock in another level and doesn’t create the same problem.

this is the material…very basic.


the only thing that could be important to know is that the 3d model of the rock is VERY BIG but scaled inside the engine and is also “ONE SIDE GEOMETRY” i mean that i started to model this rock from a PLANE.
the material is a two sided material and the model have the “double side geometry” cheched.

the LIGHT MAP IS CORRECT and made inside the 3D software
the resolution is 512…

I don’t know what i can say more… ask me if you need more info…

thank you so much

Hi all again…
apparently…i solved the problem.
I tried to delete the box reflection inside my room and this happened


so it’s related to the boxreflection ( i don’t know how )

so i added a box reflection outside and put the brightness to 0.0 and the problem disappeared.

if someone know what is happening can help me in order to avoid this kind of problem next time?

thank you all :slight_smile:

It looks like your scene is very bright and you are using chromatic aberration. If you managed to solve it though then that’s good to hear.