Unexact color wheel

The colors are offset in the color wheel, slightly but significantly.

There seem to be a slight hue addition.

Hi Moddinggear,

You need to have sRGB Preview enabled for the colors to be the same. This is expected behavior when it’s not enabled.


Even with the sRGB preview, the colors are off. Try it yourself, the difference appears mostly in orange colors.

When I check this against Photoshops HEX value they are the same color when using sRGB enabled. These values line up with the values shown at the bottom of the color picker window as well.

Well, you can see at least that the bars are off :

It’s working as intended here that I can see. The values can still be checked against Photoshop.

Since in UE4 we use a slider range from 0-1 for our RGB range using 255*0.565 to get 144 for the Green 0-255 value. Then plugging in the requisite values for HSB gives the same output as UE4 in Photoshop.

This issue comes up often and the values that are there match Photoshop’s HEX Values which is really important. The two color sliders on the left are not going to always look exactly the same in color value because one is for the HSV and one is for the selected color. The Preview window for the color is what you should go by which matches up with everything else.

It could be nice if they were synced actually. It used to be in 4.12, idk about 4.13, because they are the only big thing that represents the color, and I personally use the wheel and the bars so…