Undesired collision in the middle of nowhere

Hey guys, I’m facing some serious issues in collision which is getting some kind of invisible wall in the middle of nowhere of my landscape. I’ve made a small video to show you the issue: Also, after altering my landscape a bit, my character falls through it at a specific point (always the same area):

When editing my foliage, I eventually recognized that the foliage painting tool seems to bounce of at that exact locations in my landscape where I either fall through or bounce against that invisible wall, and since those issues showed up at the same time, I think they might be connected to each other. Unfortunately I can’t recapture my actions to that point.

What I’ve tried: - removing lightmass importance volumes (I know this should definitely not be a reason but I wanted to make sure nothing can be in my pawn’s way) - enabled viewport player collision (as you can see in the video) and visibility collision

How can I debug or let’s say at least delimit this? Is there another way to get a grip of this? Wireframe view mode also didn’t show anything.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Nevermind, I got a solution for this:

Just change the viewport from lit to player collision