Underwater Base

Hi everyone, I’m new to unreal (as I decided to pick it up for a project I’m currently working on.). I am trying to construct an underwater base, (similar mechanically to subnauticas bases). I have a large ocean, (a physics volume + a post processing volume) and was wondering whether there was a good way of reverting the players physics when they entered the base (which is inside the physics volume). I have been experimenting and looking around, but don’t know how to proceed. Is it just best to make the base a separate level and load into it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You could edit the overall physics volume when you get inside and then edit it back when you go back outside. Basically make a trigger volume at the entrances to the base and on begin overlap change the physics volume’s properties, or disable it altogether.

Also, this example will be using blueprints. This question should have been posted under the section which scripting system you’re using, blueprints, or c++.

In the level blueprint I made a reference to both the physics and post process volume. Basically click on the volume in the world and then right click i the level blueprint and create s reference to it. I also created an event for my trigger volume to set the physics volume to not a water volume and set enable on the post process volume to false. To do this click on the trigger volume int he world and in the level blueprint right click, create an event, and you want On actor begin overlap. You can do the same once you leave the base, just the opposite way.


Hi, thanks so much for the quick response, that works perfecrly. Sorry this was my first post, i’ll put it in the correct place next time.