Understanding Static Meshes

I’m new to UE4 but not to graphics. Docs for UE4 say that Static Meshes “cannot have their vertices animated in any way”. I understand that I can only apply standard transform stack from model to screen. Docs say that these meshes are cached in VRAM. I don’t understand one thing. Why can’t I apply a vertex shader to such mesh? Modern cards are little programmable computers. On my card I can have in VRAM: vertex/index buffer, textures, shaders. I want to simply combine them like stuff in normal RAM. I understand “static” mesh in a fixed-function pipeline, but now? I seriously can’t apply a vertex shader to a static mesh in VRAM in UE4? XD

Can you please link the document that says this so I can take a look at it and fix any wrong information that is in there. You can, by all means, have vertex animation in UE4 on a Static Mesh.

Kinda funny that there’s still article linked on the same page

Basically static meshes wont have bones or a skeleton, you can still do a lot to deform them (morph targets, animation through blueprints, shaders, etc).

The problem is that it says “in ANY way”. For me vertex programs on the GPU are definitely a valid way. Of course with procedural animation such mesh is hardly “static”.

Thanks for that. I have added a new Jira to get this fixed but unfortunately I can not give you an ETA on when it will be fixed.

Hello!As Material is Pixel Shader(fragment shader),how about to give out the vertex shader editor?just provide a visual and full hlsl(glsl) editor to replace codes.