Understanding render tecnologyes

Hi everyone, i’m a new UE5 user and i’m trying to understand a couple of things.
My first question is about rendering and is pretty articulated:

I come from the Cycles render engine in Blender and would like to understand what the benefits of being able to render heavier and heavier scenes in the EU can be. Now in a ray tracing type of engine when I have to render something complex it can take several minutes. What I find attractive in the EU, however, is the possibility of being able to do it in real time. But I am confused by the possibility of rendering in path tracing and therefore I wonder what is the difference between a ray tracing technology like that of Blender cycles and a path tracing technology?

Does using path tracing in UE become very time consuming again like in any other rendering engine?

Which is better to use in the EU and under what circumstances?

How can i get better hyper realistic renders?

Thanks in advance :wink: