Understanding future proof graphical upscaling for vr content creation in photogrammetry based mocup


  1. how can I create assets (characters end objects) using photogrammetry to be upscalable for futureproofing my content?

where should I refear to learn how to built an asset or a character for a game that can be seen in full hd, 2k, 4k , 8k?

what is an 8k ready photogrammetry asset? can i see one?

(i will then ask how to unterstand from there polycount on a single seen, optimization, and how to built a graphical settings slider in my game to keep hitting 90 fps
for my tests. i have a 1080 ti and planning to get an aye traking dev kit to experiment on Foveated Rendering, i read that 3milion poly was about the max with the vive … but with a 1080 ti under foveted rendering how many poly can i expect to use? how many than with 2020 gpu’s and Foveated Rendering?, theese will be my future questions… to understand the context…)