Underground Lighting

Hi. Im looking for tutorials for beginners on underground lighting. Using things like fire torches etc rather than modern lights. Just about all the tutorials Ive found so far are about lighting a room above ground. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks Antony

I think there a no tutorials because there’s not much to it. Bascially make sure you have no directional light or skylight. Give your player a torch, but the torch BP needs a point light in it also.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Sooo. How do I give my player a torch? Sorry Im a newbee. Its a third person level Im having a go at building. where can I find info on this as Im not quite sure on how to phrase it so googl finds what I want. (I just seem to get pages of things I dont understand)

As a very first attempt, just edit the 3rd person character and put a point light above their head ( probably look better with no shadows ). That would get you started.

In the long run you need some other things:

  1. Make a torch BP out of a stump of wood and a flame particle system and a point light

  2. Find out about sockets and ‘attach to socket’ so when you spawn the torch you can put the torch in the player’s hand

  3. Find out about basic animations, because you need the player to put their hand in the air and hold it there.

Sorry, you did ask :wink:

No need to be sorry. I asked and you have pointed me in the direction I need to go. Thank you