Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 preventing packing

Hey there, I’ve been having some intense build issues while trying to package my game for the ipad. I’ve been trying to find a solution to this “Undefined symbols for architecture armv7” error that occurs on my last compilation step while packaging for the iOS. I’ve attached a log of the error. Any ideas how I may be able to go about fixing this?link text

Never mind about this. I found out that some code that we had written in our target.cs had been suppressing warnings found elsewhere in our code.

Hi SamIsewall,

Have you successfully packaged for iOS in the past? The

ERROR: Command failed (Result:2)

I’m seeing in the logs can indicate an incorrect SDK setup. If this is the first time you’ve tried to package, can you try packaging the Tappy Chicken project and see if it also fails. If that also fails, can you attach the output logs for Tappy to this thread?


Yep, I have been able to package in the past. I actually successfully deployed the fps demo to my ipad yesterday. I’m onto a new issue now.

It is now packaging and launching but stalling on the splash screen if I use the packaged version, it says “Failed to open descriptor file ‘…/…/…/StableTytoDome.uproject’ For troubleshooting, please go to …”

if I run the launched version I get the following error

followed by the game only loading half of our assets, as well as missing a ton of our UI.

Hey, sorry you’re seeing a new issue. Do you mind attaching the entire failed build output log?

Also, do try the packaging Tappy Chicken idea and see if that gets a similar failure, and add those logs regardless of whether it fails or succeeds. Thanks!

Hey there!
After working on it for a bit longer I found out that it was due to an issue with the added files I was referencing in the packaging process. I deleted the folder I had checked for “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy” and instead chose my JSON files through the “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package” and it worked! :smiley:

There really should be some kind of documentation on how to include JSON files properly! But beyond that I’m good now!

Excellent! I did find this thread from another AnswerHub user that was also seeing the ‘undefined symbols’ error (a bit late, sorry :slight_smile: ). It’s not official documentation, but if you have the time feel free to add your new knowledge to the user-submitted Community Wiki.

Thanks very much!