unable to use specular light on transparent surface...really?


I hadn’t tested specular on transparent materials–until now,

When I couldn’t make specular light on the glass at all, I thought I was doing something wrong but now I found out that unreal 4 can’t adjust specular light on glass or water.

…Is this a joke?

I looked for some bypass but even the bypass seems nearly impossible or complicated.

In unity it seems working, Why unreal—one of most graphical high-end engine can’t do that?

and I can’t adjust normal on transparent surface either. But maybe that could be me doing something wrong.

It’s not a joke. Unreal 4 is a deferred renderer, while Unity is mostly forward. One of the downsides of this is that translucent lighting is poorer than before.

Forward shading has been added to 4.8, but it’s a secret so shhh, don’t tell anybody.

Set your Lighting mode to “Surface Per Pixel”, and type “r.forwardLighting=1” into the console.

There are still limitations on forward rendered surfaces; they do not receive high quality shadows, they do not sort correctly, and I assume that they do not perform acceptably-- which is probably why we’re still using hobo messaging instead of linking documentation.

Oh my,…

I looked up about deferred renderer…hm…

I always wondered why Dishonored has stuffy glasses and there is not even one mirror, now I know why. I thought they were trying to hide protagonist’s identity.