Unable to setup vive motion controllers following documentation

I’m trying to setup UE4 to work with the Vive and am running into an issue immediately when I started playing with it. I followed “Setting up UE4 to work with SteamVR” to setup the game mode and pawn. That seems to work, I can stand up and move around, the HMD works correctly. After that I followed “Motion Controller Component Setup” to get the motion controllers working. This does not work at all, I cannot see the motion controllers whatsoever. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’ve attached the simple project where I was following the tutorials: project

I am able to play other games, and I can even use other UE4 projects and have the motion controllers show up, so I’m pretty confident that its something I’m doing wrong (or the docs neglect to mention). I’ve been able to load the HTC Vive Template and it works well, so it is not UE4/SteamVR in general. Any help would be much appreciated!

Just in case someone runs into something similar, the issue was that my pawn could not spawn due to collision. I had to change the player start to Z=5 in order to get it to work.