Unable to Resolve Alpha Map Issue

I know this has most likely been a basic issue for most users but I’m completely stuck now and haven’t got the slightest idea where I have gone wrong with my alpha map, I’ve checking the uv maps are the same for the alpha map and asset but once it is imported into the unreal engine but it seems to just ignore my assets uvs and rearrange them.The following images show the results i am getting and the other image shows me selecting the part of the mesh in 3ds max and proving that the uv should be white and seen in the other image with the alpha map from the unreal engine (if that makes sense).




The other two additional images just show the asset in the static mesh view and the material setup.



Thank for your time

  • Adrian Seagrave

Well, from your post above, I can’t understand what is going on and what are you having problems with.

for some reason when i apply the alpha map to my material, its like it is being applied onto a differnet Uv channel for the asset, rather than the transparent sections just being on where the glass should be. Hopefully this can clear things up

Thank you for your time

  • Adrian Seagrave