Unable to move the static mesh object with Vertex Animation material assigned in BP

I have a Vertex Animation Texture Material assigned to a static mesh in Blueprint. However, I’m unable to move the static mesh object in BP.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Are you trying to move the actual object or just its visual representation?

I’m trying to move the actual object. It’s possible to move any other static mesh in BP, when set to “Movable”.
However, with this mesh selected, which has the Vertex Animation Texture material assigned to it, it’s somehow not possible.I think it has something to do with the material and it’s world space coordinates.

Any idea on how to resolve this? Thanks.

I wish i knew. I have never worked with vertex anim. I just asked to help the thread get an answer from someone else who might know.

Thank you very much! Quick info: Scale and rotation works. However, translation / location still doesn’t work.

Here is the material graph.