Unable to log into Unreal Academy / Online Learning

I acknowledge that this might not be the right place for this, but Epic support’s only response was that I needed to engage Unreal support, and this seems the only way to do so without being a UDN member.

I have been unable to log into Unreal Academy / Online Learning for the past few weeks. I used this service about a year or so ago without any issues.

Reproduction Steps

Troubleshooting Steps

  • I have tried a number of different browsers on my primary PC (Brave, Edge, Chrome) including safe mode and incognito mode
  • I have performed these tests from my work computer and school lab computer with the same results.
  • I have had my son log into his account on my computer and he is able to access Unreal Academy fine.

Thank you in advance for any help you can lend.

I am having the same issue and just going in circles with Epic and Unreal support; both pointing their fingers at the other and say go to the other support team. I did change my email account recently and not sure if that is related to this issue. When completing the register form, it just gives me error after clicking the button to go to the next page. I have used the online learning for a couple of years without issues and just the past 2 months it no longer works and do not expect much help from Epic or Unreal to resolve. Maybe time to use Unity as the support from Unreal is not Epic!

I don’t understand why the Online Learning team doesn’t address the issue. I’m not able to login for about 2 months now.

I tried different browsers, logging using my Epic instead of my google account, still does not resolve the issue!

I tried different browsers, logging using my Epic instead of my google account, still does not resolve the issue!

Same problem here. I changed my email recently aswell, maybe it has something to do with that.

I can confirm I have got this issue as well after changing my e-mail. However I’m unable to change it for the next month. Is this bug known?

I dont know if its known. I asked the support to change the email for me instead of waiting 3 months and then it worked

Hey, so I was able to fix it. I talked with the support to help me change my email back to the old one, afterwards everything worked again. Soooo i guess there is some kind of bug with the login email. Only bad thing, I have to use my old email now

Hi everyone, We are aware some login issues related to the changing your Epic account email after creating your portal account.

Please submit a portal support ticket to UOLSupport@EpicGames.com and we can get is sorted in short order.



I reported this issue through Unreal Online Learning Support in October 2020. Kait P., the QA Lead Consultant of online learning, said that he had communicated this issue to the back-end developers, and said that could not find my account information after querying the back-end.

It seems that as long as the email is modified, the Epic Games account cannot be synchronized with the Online Learning background account management, resulting in account login failure and the page cannot be displayed normally. I can’t believe this problem has not been resolved after four months, which bothers me.

Getting this issue not sure why - send an e-mail today