Unable to launch the editor from behind a proxy. Error 407

it’s seems that i cannot use the engine behind a proxy, when i launch the engine a “ERROR no version information received” appear, when i try to login a error code 407 appear and if i go offline every button ask me to “log in” and i can’t launch the engine

It’s not possible to run the engine behind a proxy? i cannot find any documentation

Hi A77ila,

I’m afraid to say we do not currently support proxy setups. Is there any chance you can make all your downloads without the proxy configuration, so that you can then use offline mode once you go back to using your proxy?

Hope that helps,

i tryed copy the entire folder from my home pc and then go with my mobile connection, this is not working anyway, the launcher try to install 7GB of client in any case :frowning:
there is a way to manual copy all the files and just use my mobile for the autentication? i can’t really go for 7 gb download with my phone …
Thanks !

You need to copy over more than one folder, i posted an answer here:-

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:

You’ll need to have installed the Launcher to the same location on both machines too

Thanks Swifty, i missed C:\ProgramData\Epic … i cannot try now but i’m sure it will works!

Access through the Launcher is not currently possible behind proxies, but we are investigating solutions for this. In the meantime, for any users who are experiencing this issue, please comment below to let us know. We may request additional information and discuss possible arrangements with you.


I work for a school corporation and we HAVE to be behind a proxy in order for the kids to access the internet. Do I just need to install this on one machine not behind the proxy, then copy all of the information from that machine to the entire lab of computers??
Are you still working on allowing this to work behind a proxy??

Hi Coreyp,

It should work behind a proxy provided you create an exception for “epicgames.com” (without the quotation marks).