Unable to launch on Android Device

Hi everyone,

It’s been a whole morning aI’m stuck with this error :

LogPlayLevel: ERROR: System.ArgumentException: Attempt to construct staged filesystem reference from absolute path (/Assets/Floor/MUR_AR.uexp). Staged paths are always relative to the staging root.

I’ve checked other threads :

  • Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package in Packaging is empty
  • I don’t have folders with only one character
  • I can build and debug from VS my project but not launch it.

Please if anyone already had this problem, tell me what’s going on.

Bests everyone,


i have the same problem and check the stuff you checked and i still get it, please help!!

oke just found out, just delete the files of the game (UE4Game) on the phone and uninstall the game and thats it

looking at the date i think you solved it XD

Yeah sorry. Too many projects to switch on haha

Thanks a lot @MTurk