Unable To Launch Application

I have made a test project using the Third Person Template and I have packaged the project using the Android ETC2 option. I have made sure that in the packaging options I’m configuring the AndroidManifest to deploy for GearVR. When I load my application on my phone it isn’t splitscreen and it has two analog touch sticks on the screen, when I put my phone in to the GearVR it just takes me straight to Oculus Home even when my application is running.

How can I load my application and test it on the GearVR without having the issue of going straight to Oculus Home when I put my device into the GearVR?

I should mention that the Third Person Template has no changes to the project, it is just the Third Person Template with nothing added, I wanted to see if I could package a game and get it running first before starting a project just to see what the whole process is.

Sounds like ya forgot to get your OSIG file in order… i found out in a trial by fire… that each new engine version need’s your GearVr / Samsung OSIG file… double check… cause to me, that sounds like the deal.

…and that’s way past the base of making sure you have the ‘NVPACK’ and all its android SDK folders and such.

as a start go over the getting started with gearvr stuff… not long… but something might have been missed.

The OSIG file is in Java and assets for my installed engine (4.12). I did have an AnswerHub post that Tim was helping me with as I was having issues with the NDK and SDK but that is now resolved and I am able to build.

Still having the same problem. The application isn’t showing up with the splitscreen even though I have gone through and checked everything (project settings ‘Configure AndroidManifest for deployment to GearVR’). The phone when I load my application just doesn’t give me the splitscreen and when I put my device into my GearVR even though the application is still loaded it still takes me to Oculus Home, I can’t seem to stop it from doing that.