Unable to find IOS scheme in XCode in UE 4.10

Till UE 4.9,there was an ios scheme available in XCode,which helped us to debug the game directly from XCode and it was really very helpful for development.
But after upgrading to UE 4.10,it seems like the option is missing.In release note of UE 4.10,there seems to be an option available for IOS.But in my build,it’s missing.
Here’s an image of UE 4.10 in my XCode.

Here’s an image from the release note…

I am using XCode 7 and the Github version of the engine.
Please help!
Thank you!

Hello Superflare,

The change is due to the Build Configuration that your scheme is likely set to. To see the iOS option for your particular scheme, you’ll need to enter “Edit Scheme” and then select a Build Configutation that is supported for iOS, which would include Development, Debug, and others. The general rule is that ones that list ‘Editor’ such as the default, Development Editor, are not supported for iOS. After doing this, the option to use the iOS device instead of My Mac should appear.

Thank you,!