Unable to export .tga in 4.11 preview

I’ve tried several permutations of file type .tga, .bmp combined with texture group and compression format. But when I rightclick on my textures and do asset action->export, the file does not save.

Are there any constraints on exporting textures from the editor that are not immediately obvious from the error logs?

Created capture camera.
Captured to render target.
Right click → Create static.
Save static.
Right click on static → asset action → export as .bmp, .tga etc.

No file comes out…

The following error is repeated in the log window:
LogRenderTargetPool:Warning: r.RenderTargetPoolMin exceeded 921/400 MB (ok in editor, bad on fixed memory platform)

But I wouldn’t expect that to interfere with my output.

Hi Will,

We originally had a ticket in with not being able to export some files to image format with UE-9151 but it was closed as “Won’t fix” with the context that if a file has no source art (very common with textures) so we cannot feasibly export it.


Is there a work around whereby we can create a source file? I really need to be able to edit these captures.

Not that I’m aware of, unless you can use anything from an HDR image. That’s the only one that I know will export to a file.

What exact settings are you using? I can’t get it to save HDR to file.

Select the Render Target asset in the Content Browser > Right-Click Export > Will automatically give the option to save as HDR (Default on my end)