Unable to enter session when texture_blocks are used in Verse

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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Can’t start a session if “texture_block” was used in Verse

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Create project
2 - Import any texture
3 - Create Verse class
4 - Create texture_block with your texture in code
5 - Launch session

Expected Result

The project is launched

Observed Result

Can’t start a session (endless loading)
The project is marked as ‘Moderation’



Code example:

using { /Fortnite.com/Devices }
using { /Verse.org/Simulation }
using { /UnrealEngine.com/Temporary/Diagnostics }
using { /UnrealEngine.com/Temporary/SpatialMath }
using { /UnrealEngine.com/Temporary/UI }
using { /Verse.org/Assets }

Test_device := class(creative_device):
        Widget := texture_block:
            DefaultImage := ProjectName.TextureName
            DefaultDesiredSize := vector2{X := 128.0, Y := 128.0}

I have the same problem, deleted every asset and commented every line with texture block and I’m unable to remove Moderation Warning. Can’t launch a session due to this issue

The status of FORT-766080 incident has been moved from ‘Needs Triage’ to ‘Needs More Info’.

@LOLsquid is this still happening? We’re having trouble getting a repro here.