Unable to Enable Path Tracing in UE-5 View Mode (GTX-1080)

When I create, or open a project in UE4.27.1 I’m easily able to see & use Path Tracing in the view mode despite having a GTX 1080. No matter what I’ve tried for my project settings in UE5 it’s not coming up. Any Ideas or Is my card just incompatible with this feature in UE5?


Same here! I have a GTX 1650.

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Hi, why is there no answer? I have the same issue. I read all forums and all documentation and tried everything but the PATHTRACING option doesn’t appear in UE5. I also have GTX1080.

maybe you should consider buying an RTX card

yeah, thank u BRO. it is a 100% solution. How did u able to find this solution, please share your wisdom with us! :disguised_face:

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Hi, ia have the same problem with my GTX 1070.
Any solution?