Unable to Cook Content on OSX

Hello! I’m working on OSX El Capitan 10.11 with Xcode 6.4, UE4 4.10.4.

I’m quite new to UE4 and am playing around with things to see how it all works. I’ve come across some oddities with Xcode and want to make sure my environment is working properly.

My first oddity was that, when I was browsing in Xcode through UGameplayStatics.h, Xcode gave me an error I was unable to make disappear: “Unable to find LandscapeProxy.h”. I tried messing with the build script to add “Landscape” module to no avail.

My primary concern is being unable to cook content. My steps are below. Am I doing something stupid? I don’t understand the difference between the UE4 scheme and MyProject, and why the former fails to build.

Thanks for any help!

  1. Start a new, blank C++ project:


  1. Try cooking content!


  1. It fails:


  1. Try building in Xcode, which succeeds for MyProject:


  1. Try cooking content again, and it still fails.

  2. Try building UE4 scheme, which fails with “Rocket: No modules to build?”


I believe my issue was that I didn’t first build the game via File->Package Product. It is working now!