Unable to control 2nd local player after changing levels

Hi Friends,

I’ve been through every question about controlling local players on the forum so I don’t believe this is a repost.

First, I have 2 wired xbox controllers, both plugged in, both working. So I’m not trying to get a keyboard to control player 1 and a gamepad to control player 2 as previous questions have asked about.

Here is what does work:

Opening up my first game level, calling the “createPlayer” command and leaving the “spawn pawn” setting checked. 2 characters spawn and each one is controllable separately from a different xbox controller.

Here is what doesn’t work:

Opening up a different level, a menu level that has a blueprint widget with some buttons on it. On the even handler for one of the buttons, call the “Open Level” command with my first game level specified. Once again, in the game level call “createPlayer” leaving the “spawn pawn” setting checked. In this scenario, the 2nd pawn is controllable via the first xbox controller, and the 1st pawn isn’t controllable at all.

I’ve gone on a pretty wild goosechase trying all sorts of things to make this work. I’ve done manual spawning using the “possess” command, I’ve tried literally everything, but because this is the simplest form of the problem, I figure this will help us get to a solution quickest.

Thanks in advance for your help and I’m happy to post code or answer any questions at all. Additionally if there is a local multiplayer tutorial somewhere I would love to check it out, just haven’t found one yet!

UPDATE: If i mouse + F1 out of the game, then left click the window I actually am able to control the second player. There were some questions similar to this posted before, so maybe this issue still hasn’t been addressed?

I think we’ll need to see some Blueprint screenshots to help.