Unable to compile UInterface

I am unable to compile an interface in my code project. The code is identical to the UInterface from the new UT Repository, yet mine does not compile. I’ve added the file to the ShooterGame project, the compiler seems to interpret the code as a class because the compile error complains about the internal contructor missing “const class FPostConstructInitializeProperties& PCIP” etc. I did originally create the ‘class’ using the in-editor wizard, I tried deleting /Intermeddiate and /Saved directories, full rebuild, re-generated the visual studio project files etc. but nothing helps. I re-created the file as well using a text editor at a different location (Source/Public, was Source/Classes before)

Interface code below:

// implement this interface to allow game code to determine what team it is on
// Actors without this interface are assumed to be on no team (generally hostile to all things)

#pragma once

#include "STeamInterface.generated.h"

class USTeamInterface : public UInterface

class SHOOTERGAME_API ISTeamInterface

	/** if this returns true then the Actor is considered to be on all teams simultaneously (OnSameTeam() will always return true) */
	virtual bool IsFriendlyToAll() const
		return false;

	/** return team number the object is on, or 255 for no team */
	virtual uint8 GetTeamNum() const PURE_VIRTUAL(ISTeamInterface::GetTeamNum, return 255;);