Unable to build lighting while Lumen & Nanite are enabled

Hi, short intro: I’m a person that’s more used to Source Engine’s Hammer Editor than any other engines. I did try out Unity, but was too hard for me, then I had to use UE for my studies and it doesn’t really disappoint as much as I didn’t hope it would.

Alright, so basically I have a problem. Ever since I enabled Lumen & Nanite (and Ray-Tracing), I had problems with building the lighting ever since. Every fail or error pointed at “Lightmass”. In the logs, it keeps showing me that the “Lightmass crashed” and I couldn’t find any solutions online, not even on Youtube. I have nowhere else to look, so I might as well try asking here for assistance before I give up and just stress my PC with all of those settings enabled while trying to get a playable framerate with FSR or DLSS turned on.
Here’s a screenshot to my problem or whatever the log shows me: Screenshot by Lightshot

I look forward to any possible solutions that can help me get rid of this problem once and for all. If there’s no actual solution for this, then I guess I’ll either not use Lumen & Nanite anymore and bake lighting like normal, or stress my PC with all of those settings turned on.

Specs (if needed):
CPU: Intel Core i9-9900KF @ 3.60 GHz (8C/16T)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x16GB (64GB kit) @ 3200 MHz
GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 3070 Ventus 2X OC (8GB GDDR6)

Lumen and lightmass are alas not compatible in 5.2. Nanite is, as it’s geometry rendering and not tied to lighting in any direct way. In 5.3 it’s expected that lightmass works with lumen reflections.

Fundamentally, lumen is geared towards real-time and dynamic scenes, and lightmass requires static geometry. There isn’t quite any way that the two systems could interact with eachother and make sense, at least for GI.