Unable to assign material to my Golden gate bridge

You need to use a UV modifier in 3ds Max. You can search for tutorials on unwrapping UV’s if you don’t know how.

Hi ,

As you can see in this image , I am unable to assign material to the bridge. For comparison , I have added a box with the same material applied beside the bridge , as shown, and the box is showing the material , but for the bridge only the color is changed , but the texture is not visible. Same thing is happening for the actual file in 3ds max. Any possible reason for this?

WOW. You solved my problem. Thanks a lot.

Is it necessary for all the items , because I can see in 3ds max applying material on a simple box doesn’t require UVW modifier.

It is required for everything you edit in sub-object more. A cube doesnt require it because Max generates UV’s for basic meshes like that automatically(when you create a cube or a cylinder, et. you’ll notice a tick box that says something like “Generate Unique UVs”)