Unable to Apply Material

I created a blueprint utilizing an imported fbx file in the shape of a gem, I need this gem to constantly rotate and already knew of a way to this by creating a blueprint for the mesh and then applying a rotate movement to it in the components section. Though it is rotating in the way that I need it to it will not allow me to apply any form of material. Even when I reference the mesh inside of the level blueprint and then set the material that way from event begin play or even a custom event. is there a way I can apply material to this, this way or do I have to find another way.

It would certainly help to see your current blueprint.
I have a blueprint referenced in my own level that doesn’t have a problem changing materials.


You might be trying to change the material through a reference to the entire class from a variable, which I’ve had problems with in the past. If you can’t afford to have an individual reference to every instance of the gem in the level blueprint, then you need to make sure the blueprint knows exactly what gem it is trying to change. It usually works best if that gem was spawned from within the blueprint that is trying to reference it. This example here works for me (replace “Sofa” with “Gem”).


Your situation may not be as simple as this, so maybe a more experienced person can help once you’ve elaborated how it’s supposed to work.