Unable to activate simulate physics for new static mesh

Yesterday was fine when I made from BSP to static mesh. Today every BSP I create static mesh from is False when I try to activate it’s simulate physics. I tried to change some options too like give it Simple and Complex collision and changed it to PhysicsActor but cannot activate physics simulation why
the project is fine and yesterday’s objects do simulate gravity and collisions

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Your mesh has no collision. No collision = no simulation. Double click the mesh and:


Add a collision component (here, box) to the actor, have it simulate physics and attach a non-simulating mesh:

Now it’s the box’ job to simulate physics, and the static mesh is there just for the ride.


I will try this out when i have a chance, it will work probably. Thank you very much for all the help!!!

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I had a problem with the main character from template for topdown rpg. I was following a video tutorial for making RPG that is third person. At the provided link at 2:55 there is a node that does not exist in my list, even when I uncheck “context sensitive”.
so the node is called “Calculate Direction”. I tried then to get the vector for speed from the character blueprint but I either failed with transport or something else is wrong in the setup and my character model thinks the movement speed is always 0, because when I walk around the model is always in idle stance and does not perform the run animation. I think I do something wrong and was trying to find tutorials about how to read this speed. What I also don’t understand is what is the reason to put something on left on the Cast To node where it say “object”
What can be done here, i literally copied things that have been done in other tutorials but nothing worked

p.s. and then I was thinking to make new character only from box and give it movespeed in a way I can transport it to another blueprint but the whole process for making this character looks complicated