UMG Widgets: Create a button for each item in an Enumeration

Hi.Rookis here. My very 1st post in this forum, actually.

I have a BP twith an Enumaration variable, where I store names of actions like “Spin” “Jump” “Melt” “Bend”. Theres a widget on screen with one button for each of those action. When player clicks a button - triggers that action on the BP. That easy.

As the project evolves, I create more and more of those actions, so add more items to the Enumeration.

And then I have to manually create a new button in the widget. If I reorder the Enumeration, which I constantly do, I need to manually reorder the buttons in the widget accordingly.

Is there any way to automate this? I’d need a kind of “For Each item Loop” similar to our “For Each Loop”, but reading emuneartion elemnts instead of array elements. Or at least a “Get eumeration lenght” . But I can not find no tool to automate the read of enumeration items.

Any clue? Thanks!

You’re in luck:

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So that function actually exists!

And believe me I looked for it. :pensive: I’m so rookie I’m still not able to find available resources…

Thanks, Everynone!

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Honestly, I don’t see it mentioned often. Not sure if this documented anywhere.