UMG Widget Reference isn't displaying my user created variables

Hey everyone,

So I’ve added HUD to viewport and have made references to the HUD many times in other projects and it has worked just fine. However, I’m really struggling to see what I’ve done wrong here.

Within my player character I’ve created a widget, made it a reference and added it to viewport as you can see below.

I’m currently making an actor that when the player overlaps it, it sets the text inside my UMG widget to visible. However trying to access the variables inside that widget through the reference isn’t happening. Anyone know why?

I knew it would be something simple like that! Typical of me to forget something like that hahaha

in your overlapped actor’s blueprint, just plug your hud ref into a “set visibility” node and set it to visible
en remove the visibility in the end overlap event.
it should work fine

oh ! and if you want to change the text value, in your widget, make sure it s ticked as variable, in the designer tab