UMG Widget behind 3d objects

Hi, what i need is a nameplate widget, wich is rendering behind 3d objects. You can see it in the screenshot:


Well i saw many tutorials about nameplates. All guys show it with widgets in screenspace for correct rotation, scaling etc. But if i do it with screenspace widgets, i hav no custom depth. They always on screen over all other stuff and its so useless.
If i create a 3d widget in worldspace, then the text isnt readable anymore. I can rotate and scale it, but it dont looks good.

So thats a big problem here and i really dont know, how i can solve this. I only want a simple bitmap font with 12pt size as nameplate behind other objects. This is so hard to realize in unreal?
I also thought about a render target wich render the widget from screenspace to worldspace… uhh i really dont know.

Have anyone an idea or can help me with this?

I made a screen how it looks like:


So you see the problem. The first one is in screenspace, wich looks cool but is always on top (what i NOT want) and second in worldspace, but very blurry.
Is there really no solution for this??

Looks like, your worldspace widget is affcted by all the post processing, unlike the screenspace widget. So you probably have to find a way to exclude those worldspace widgets from the post processing and all filters etc. If that´s not possible right now, then maybe you can use the worldspace widgets to create some masks or custom depth passes, that you then use for the clear screenspace widgets to simulate this behaviour, just to hide some of their parts, that would be covered by other objects and name plates.